Doing live music right means teaming top-flight musicians with an all-pro recording and post-production team to create a live music release that stands the test of repeated listening. It means working closely with the artists to be sure that the download you buy is one they are proud of, and that it presents them at their live best. It means paying everyone involved – the festival, the artist and the composer – a fair royalty from every sale. And it means giving you the best possible listening experience at a fair price.

FestivaLink.net’s mission:
FestivaLink.net’s mission is to capture “festival moments” and make them widely available.

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You may browse our entire catalog, where all shows are listed alphabetically by artist.

You may also browse by collections; a collection groups all shows from a festival or a venue together.

When you’re ready to download a show or purchase a CD, you’ll be redirected to Livedownloads.com, who, through nugs.net, provides us with a solid and secure technical platform. You’ll find their knowledge base covers most issues and questions related to downloads, and will fill you in on their streaming service, too:


For more information about Festivalink.net, please contact us.

~Ann Blonston, General Manager